Here we’ve put together this guide on the different types of husky coats to help you get more acquainted with these adorable dogs.

Even though huskies seem to be related in many ways, the different breeds of huskies have different looks. Their coats are one of the first things that you’ll notice.

Traditional Husky Coats

The Siberian husky is the original type of husky and has a double coat. Their undercoat is wooly, which is why it’s so important to groom them.

Short-Haired Husky Coats

Short-haired huskies are similar to the traditional husky with a few key differences. All of them have a double coat, but their undercoat is much shorter. If you’re trying to groom a short-haired husky, a slicker brush will do the trick. The Siberian husky is a breed that has a shorthaired coat and is the best-known type in this category. Their coat is blue-gray and white.

Arctic Husky Coats

The Arctic husky is a rare and endangered breed of a husky. They have a double coat and come in white, black, red, or brown. Arctic huskies are medium-sized dogs with blue or brown eyes. Chilliwack huskies have the same double coat as Arctic huskies, but their fur is slightly longer. Chilliwack huskies are white with brown or blue eyes. They are medium-sized dogs and like their Arctic cousins and also love to run.

Silver and White Husky Coats

There aren’t many purebred silver huskies out there, but they are similar to Arctic huskies in their coat. The silver husky’s fur is pure white. You can also find silver huskies that have black tips at the ends of their fur, but they are not as common. Like arctic huskies, they too, have a double coat. The white husky is a breed that is very similar to silver huskies. White huskies have a white coat and a double coat.

Black and Grey Husky Coats

Black and grey huskies are extremely rare and there aren’t many breeders out there that breed for this color. They have a double coat and come in black with grey tips or vice versa. Black and grey huskies are also medium-sized dogs.

Karelian Huskies are also known as black huskies. Karelian huskies are medium-sized dogs with grey fur and blue eyes. Like black and grey huskies, they have a double coat.

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